Best Online Car Dealers in Nigeria.

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Best Online Car Dealers in Nigeria

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Awoof Cars Auction is Nigeria's largest most reliable car auction dealer provider with the goal of helping hundreds of customers to buy affordable cheap used cars directly from overseas.

At Awoof Cars Auction, we have a passion for providing better service than online car dealers in Nigeria by providing transparent online car auctions.

Being the most reliable auction broker in Nigeria, we always provide buyers with “value for money” cars. In light of serving our customers with more benefits, we have gained partnerships with various auto leaders from around the globe. Thus, for a few of them, we act as their official authorized representative in Nigeria.

We offer easy and quick access to the complete vehicle inventory of various automotive leaders. Depending on your budget and style, you can have a look at hundreds of cars via our online car auctions.

This clearly ensures you with an opportunity of saving a lot more money n car purchases. We additionally help you with delivery from different parts of the world, making us a one-stop-shop to buy used cars from the USA unbounded.

Therefore, if you are in search of a reliable online car dealer in Nigeria, Awoof Cars Auction are the best and reliable vendors to assist you with your car dealership.


Searching for where to buy used cars from the USA with zero hassle and stress-free via an auction car broker firm in Nigeria? Then look no further, AWOOF CARS AUCTION LIMITED is your best option for purchasing your next Foreign Used Cars from the USA. Simply reach us via the information below:


35B ABISOGUN LEIGH, OGBA IKEJA, Lagos @back of excellence hotel.

Customer Service:  01-2911515, 08023851599

WhatsApp- 08023851599


Email- [email protected]

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My name is Ambali, I am an auto expert when it comes to car bidding . We have various certified licenses to bid on cars from USA, we offer services that covers car inspection, Buying, Trucking , shipping and clearance from the port in Nigeria. We are CERTIFIED to import reposes, neatly used vehicles and brand new cars to Nigeria from various auction companies in USA. Contact us on +2348023851599 for insight and consultation services

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