Buy Auction Cars in Nigeria Online.

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Where to Buy Auction Cars in Nigeria Online?

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There are different methods of buying affordable fairly used cars in Nigeria, and the first places we do go to are auction sites, operated by recognized industry bodies like Copart and IAA or even the Nigeria custom auction websites, where cars are sold off at cheap prices.

But the most constraint in getting any of this avenue is that you need to meet up with some strenuous requirements, ranging from getting a TIN number or tax-paying verification to registering for membership with a none refundable payment.


It is well observed that such avenues to buying tokunbo cars abroad in Nigeria are better suited for car dealers and not a single customer.


This is why the team at Awoof Cars Auction has come together to provide a unique service that makes it much easier for any individual to purchase cars from the USA.

They provide a simple way to do this via their website at where you can make an order on auction vehicles from the two most recognized body in the industry, COPART, and IAA after which you send the vehicle LOT number to them and they do the bargaining power for you, using their own license.

And all you need do is to provide a deposit of 30% of the total bid sum they win for you on the used car.

When your vehicle arrives you will be expected to pay up the balance within 40 days of vehicle arrival.


Benefits of Online Auto Auction

People from all over participate in online car auctions hosted by Copart and IAA. They are the best choice not only because it is convenient to purchase vehicles from your home computer or smartphone, but because awoof cars auction offer an amazing online shopping experience. You can expect:

  • An easy-to-use online auction platform
  • Trusted industry leader when it comes to bidding and buying the car of your choice.
  • The ability to purchase vehicles at bargain prices
  • Great customer service
  • An ever-changing inventory of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, boats and motorcycles

How to Buy a Used Car Online via Awoof Cars Auction

Online vehicle auctions at any online Auction website works almost like a live auction. The only difference is you don’t have to travel to the physical location of the auction to place your bid. You can do all your bidding from the comfort of your home. All you need is access to a computer or smartphone.

Cars and other types of vehicles that will be placed for auction will be available to view on our website. Before bidding, all individuals will have access to valuable information that includes everything from make, model and VIN number to the type of condition the car is in and when the car will go up for auction. Photos are also available for viewing.

Once you have determined that you wish to bid on the vehicle, you will be asked to place a bid. Typically, you will place your maximum bid in the box, as this will allow you to go about your day without having to constantly check the auction live.

Placing a maximum bid does not mean that will be the amount you will pay for the car. The auction will begin at a stated starting bid and go up in specified bid increments. Using a bidding system called proxy bidding, Capital Auto Auction will bid on your behalf until your maximum bid.

If you are interested in securing a hassle free NO stress bargain with an auction car broker firm in Nigeria, then AWOOF CARS AUCTION LIMITED is your best option for purchasing your next Foreign Used Cars from USA. Simply reach us via the information below:


35B ABISOGUN LEIGH, OGBA IKEJA, Lagos @back of excellence hotel.

Customer Service:  01-2911515, 08023851599

WhatsApp- 08023851599


Email- [email protected]

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My name is Ambali, I am an auto expert when it comes to car bidding . We have various certified licenses to bid on cars from USA, we offer services that covers car inspection, Buying, Trucking , shipping and clearance from the port in Nigeria. We are CERTIFIED to import reposes, neatly used vehicles and brand new cars to Nigeria from various auction companies in USA. Contact us on +2348023851599 for insight and consultation services

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