Online Car Dealers in Nigeria.

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Online Car Dealers in Nigeria

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Every Adult in Nigeria deserves to own a car of his/her choice. In a developed country like the United State where we buy cars from, you don’t require to have all the money before you own a car. All you need is to approach your bank and tell them the kind of car you need. After checking your credit report and If they see that your credit report is good then you qualify to pick any of your choice car from any Dealer and also your insurance company will then work it out with your bank while you get placed on mortgage for five years, even if the car gets involved in an accident in the process they will collect it from you and give you another brand new car.

These are cars that, AWOOF CAR AUCTION COMPANY will always recommend for Prospective Clients. The car that have CLEAN TITLE AND SALVAGE TITLE is better than the car with FLOOD CERTIFICATE OF TITLE (DON’T GO THERE). Any car, we bring from United State of America cannot be compared to what you will buy here in Nigeria. We will always advice on the accident car that is minor and it must be from the back and not from the front because of the Engine. It is time for you to decide and walk into our office to make more clarification from our customer service representative or we can begin the process without necessarily coming as we can always deliver. However, we will advise the client to allow us to confirm the clearance cost of their vehicle before buying as we realized that the cost of clearance is the issue here in Nigeria since they have closed border. It will be advisable for you to reduce the year of the car that you are planning to buy to cater for the cost of clearing because the higher the car, the higher the cost of clearance. It means the amount for 2005 Toyota Corolla is different from Toyota Corolla 2010 but it is possible to buy a Toyota Corolla 2010 for the same price of Toyota Corolla 2005 at the auction because, in auction, the bidding and cost of buying depends on the interest of the bidder. If nobody likes Toyota Corolla 2010 that we are bidding on at the live auction, then, it means we will be the only bidder and you will be amazed to see that we can get the same Toyota Corolla 2010 as cheap as the cost of Toyota Corolla 2005.

Auction process is LUCK and that is why we do advise that the client should let us lookout for a car that is relatively has minor accident at the back. Maybe the bumper is removed or the door is not there. Don’t worry it will be fixed and you will never believe when you see it on delivery, this allows the customer to get it cheap as the dealer in the United State of America. We mean US resident doesn’t like to bid on any car that has damaged or severed damaged at all, because it is really expensive to fix car in any developed country like United State. The good news is that we have part dealer partners in LADIPO Market and Owode here in Lagos where we can easily buy original parts and replace them. The only car that we can’t Buy is the one with damaged engine or deflated airbag (DEATH SENTENCE) God forbid accident happen. We have many reliable auto care shop that specializes in fixing any car that get involved in accident 100% as far as the accident is minor and it has to be from the back as they don’t fix engine and we don’t give advice for fixing engine at all.

Also, we want to tell everyone that will like to transact with us that we will never do SHORT PAYMENT on any car when it comes to clearance at the port of delivery APAPA/TINCAN PORT. We realized that some clients want cheap clearing and it easier to fall prey of clearing agent that offer very low price as they will still come back to ask for more after commitment of your money because there is no shortcut., AWOOF CAR COMPANY will never be responsible for anything that happens to the car on the road while traveling interstate IF YOU DECIDE TO USE YOUR OWN CLEARING AGENT.NO PROBLEM ABOUT THAT. If custom stops you and they check with their computer through with C NUMBER and find out you short pay. They will have to impound the car and you will have to go and pay more.

When you compare these car prices with what is being sold in Nigeria, you will see that there is a wide margin in pricing and not only that, it allows you to know the state of the engine and thorough picture of the Airbag. Do you know that some cars in Nigeria don’t have airbags at all? And these are cars that are cheapest in auction. You don’t have to keep thinking that a car is good because it looks shining due to its body shape but you also need to start thinking of the internal features of the car. You need to understand that a car can still move even if there is no cover but a car cannot move when there is no engine and that is why AWOOF CAR COMPANY has been helping people not to make mistake in buying cars that look good but no sound engine,

Below are the reasons why you should buy car through our platform.

  • It allows you to know the history of the car you are buying.
  • It allows you to know the true pictures of the Odometers/Mileage.
  • It allows you to differentiate between Flood car, Salvage car and Clean title car.
  • It allows you to know the condition of the Engine and air-conditioning system.
  • It allows you to distinguish between the car they sell here in Nigeria and the one we will auction/import for you from the United State of America.

When prospective buyers ask if we are a car dealer, we tell them we are not, but a broker (A Broker is a company or an individual who arranges transactions between the seller and the buyer for a commission when the deal is executed). Our services attract a flat charge of N100,000 from any car from 2003 to 2009 but any car above 2010 is 150,000 service charge. That is our strength.

This is what our company has for clients compared to what other dealers in Nigeria will offer you:

  • We make sure, we buy cars that are affordable and fit your budget. Do you know that you can get any TOYOTA products or any type of product for a low budget? We will teach you how it works. We have been in existence for years. You just have to trust our company and be ready to work with us. If not, you will keep spending a lot for  car dealer; we understand you might be skeptical to part with your money, awaiting the arrival of the car. We only require a security deposit of N180, 000 (Refundable fees)  or 30% of the total budget to kick start the process and to be sure we are dealing with a serious client. This deposit can be called back if you change your mind, we will honorably refund it.
  • We will buy a car that has a SECURED AIRBAG. Do you know that 72 percent of cars on Nigerian roads do not have Airbag? These are the cheapest cars in auction and that is what the dealers will sell for you after fixing them in Nigeria. They do this because some people just want to buy car they see irrespective of the condition. We make sure we do not buy front damaged car for you. Also, do you know that 34 percent of the car in Nigeria has a flood history and that is why the air-conditioner will never work perfectly. Ordinarily a good car should have a chilly air-conditioner.
  • At AWOOF CAR OMPANY, we will never buy a severely damaged vehicle for you but you can get a car that has a dent at the back and not in the front because of the engine as advised above. Any car that has had a head-on collision, there is always the tendency that the engine would have been affected. Actually, up to 80 percent of cars in Nigeria has a history of being front damaged.

Below is how our services work:

  • Search for any car of your choice on or Send us the Name, model and year of the LOT NUMBER link E.g of the car you are interested in, or we can help you search and send you two different pictures and you will have to choose anyone you like but we may have to advise you on your budget and also advise professionally on any car you choose. •    You pay for only PURCHASE which is 30% and our professional fees after we have won the bid and Our company shall be responsible for TRUCKING to the port. SHIPPING and CLEARING payment which is 70% and the invoice and DOCK RECEIPT shall be sent to you after delivery to the shipper within 7 days. We then send you the bill of lading after 3-4 weeks and our delivery duration is 40 days as we ship by Grimardli and other shipping companies. You can also make payment directly to the auction from Nigeria if you want.

It is time to stop concluding that a car is good when the body is neat but it is time to start looking at the above-stated reasons. Basically, the car we import will serve you for the next 5 years if you know how to maintain a car as they sometimes come with MANUAL but not all the time. And these cars are like new but it has been used by a few users in the United State and you will see the history through the VIN CHECK REPORT.

We want to thank those who have done business with us from Port Harcourt, Abuja and Northern Nigeria and those who have visited our office. Those that have sent money without coming and those who have just placed their order, as we urge them to keep referring us to their relatives, friends, colleagues, and associates. Only the company account is allowed to be paid into and not in any individual account. For those people asking us if we have car below 1,000,000 we say CAPITAL NO. There some things that will never be possible, even if we buy the car for 200$, IT WILL NEVER BE POSIBLE and it very easy for you to fall when you keep getting prices or quote that is too low to be truth, also we don’t have car below 2003 model.

Visit our website today to get started, or walk into our main office in Lagos to interact with our experienced customer service Officer.


35B ABISOGUN LEIGH, OGBA IKEJA, Lagos @back of excellence hotel.

Customer Service:  01-2911515, 08023851599

WhatsApp- 08023851599


Email- [email protected]

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My name is Ambali, I am an auto expert when it comes to car bidding . We have various certified licenses to bid on cars from USA, we offer services that covers car inspection, Buying, Trucking , shipping and clearance from the port in Nigeria. We are CERTIFIED to import reposes, neatly used vehicles and brand new cars to Nigeria from various auction companies in USA. Contact us on +2348023851599 for insight and consultation services


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